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What prince of tennis guy would date you? - Quiz - Quotev

For girls only or if your gay. ... 3,603 takers.

Tennis no Oujisama (The Prince of Tennis) | Anime character birthdays

January 2 – Dan Taichi January 3 – Kabaji Munehiro January 14 — Sakuno Ryuzaki January 15 – Shiranui Tomoya January 15 – Tanaka Youhei January 15 – Tanaka Kouhei January 25 – Ishida Gin January 28 – Richard ...

Rikkai - Quotev

Worth A Thousand Words (Prince of Tennis) ... A picture is worth a thousand words, but your relationship can mean so much more (prince of tennis various x reader) model!AU, in where the reader works at the ...

Tennis Quizzes - Quotev

Browse through and take tennis quizzes ... In the questions, I'll have pictures of certain sports anime characters and also some questions where I describe the character.

23 ♡ Ogiwara Shigehiro || Kuroko no Basuke | 50 Sporty Romances

850 wordsshigehiro🏀the little bell on top of the door chimed and the smell of coffee beans hit ogiwara's nose as he entered the small yet comfortable cafe near the university.

Sport Anime Knowlegde - Test - Quotev

Includes: Haikyuu!, Free, Kuroko no Basuke, Diamond no Ace, Prince of Tennis, Prince of Stride: Alternative and Yuri on Ice.

The Return Of The Empress - Quotev

Echizen Rei is one of the last of her Father's blood.

Sports Anime OCs - Quotev

Prince Of Tennis ... Age : 15 (At the start of the fanfiction.

Stages Of You|TezuRyo|Soulmate AU| - Quotev

You narrow down the possibilities of who could be your soulmate and it shows through clues.

Nispedana - Quotev

Here's one of my drawings. It's my latest as of today, and I don't think I have time to make new ones any time soon.